BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept

After years and years of rumors and speculations, the new German’s large SUV is finally ready to be unveiled. We are talking about the upcoming BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept. The eagerly-awaited BMW X7 SUV will firstly be presented this September at the 2018 Frankfurt Auto Show as the concept model. However, latest rumors indicate that it will appear as the production model too, a couple of months after its premiere.

The standard BMW X7 has been known as one of the Company’s largest and most luxurious models in the lineup. However, lately the manufacturer has been working on the hydrogen fuel cell technology and came up with an idea to combine the full-size and luxury SUV with a hydrogen system. The result will be the new BMW X7 Fuel Cell model which will be an emission-free electric vehicle.

The BMW has been testing this technology for a couple of years; when about a decade ago they made the Hydrogen 7 built on BMW 7-Series model. After that, two years ago, they presented the 5-Series Gran Turismo and i8 concept models using the same fuel cell technology. So, we are hoping that the X7 Fuel Cell will finally be one of the first vehicles to go into production with all-new type of powertrain.

Besides the fuel cell version, the X7 will hit the market with traditional engines too which is expected to be in the late 2018.

BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept front

BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept powertrain

As we’ve already said earlier, the Company has already presented its new technology at the 5-Series GT prototype. So, the only conclusion we can get is that the new BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept will use the same unit. But one question remains: How it works? The 5-Series concept model fuel cell used hydrogen and converted it into electricity which powers an electric motor of 180 kWh.

While the fuel cell model is still under the question, the standard BMW X7 will appear with traditional engine too. There will be a choice of petrol, diesel, six- and eight-cylinder turbo engines so as a plug-in hybrid. So, we can expect to see a 3.0-liter diesel and 4.4-liter V-8 petrol engine. A plug-in hybrid will be a combination of 2.0-liter 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo, twin-scroll turbocharger and an electric motor of 111 horses. All together, they will be able to develop 322 horsepower.

Design of exterior and interior

When it comes to exterior and interior design, there is still no any official information. The upcoming BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept should have the same external appearance as the standard version. This means that it will borrow some design cues from the smaller X5 model. However, the X7 will feature more powerful and muscular look. The front will feature the brand’s well-known double kidney grille only larger. Actually, the whole body will be like a larger version of X5 model.

Speaking of the interior, the X7 will be very spacious offering three rows of seats. As all the Company’s models, we expect it to be very-well equipped with advanced infotainment and safety features.

BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept rear

Release date and price

The BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept will make its debut this September, while its arrival on the market won’t be before the early 2019. As for the price, the standard X7 should start at roughly $70,000. However, the price of the fuel cell model is not available at the moment.

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