Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Alliance will launch 12 new EVs till 2022

How the all-electric vehicles are constantly getting more and more popular these days, and how the emissions rules will finalize in the near future, the three well-known car companies joined together with the same goal-the production of ell-electric vehicles. To be more precise, the Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi manufacturer has joined together to become one of the leader in the production of electric cars and vehicles with autonomous drive technology. This group has called itself – Alliance 2022.


Alliance 2022 plans and targets for the future

The Alliance 2022 has made a six-year plan which includes the production of the 12 new all-electric and robo vehicles. And they will be presented sequentially till the end of 2022. This plan can be realized with the usage of the shared platforms and powertrains. These electric motors so as the batteries are expected to appear in 2020. They will be shared by all the members of the Alliance. The accent is put on the “share” because in this way, the companies will reduce the costs for around 30 percent. They claim that more 9 million cars will ride on the four common platforms. Furthermore, the Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault manufactures are also planning to introduce 40 models with autonomous driving technology. Among which, one is expected to arrive with any human intervention by that time.

Nissan Leaf

New platforms, expected EV driving range and autonomous drive

According to the Alliance’ plans, they will make two new common platforms. The one will be and EV platform which will have an autonomous capability.  The second will be B-segment common platform which will be used for the midsize vehicles. They are planning to produce over 9 million vehicles on four common platforms. Furthermore, the batteries will be packed more effectively in order to provide more space for the interior. These batteries, which should be introduced by 2020, are expected to have the 370 miles driving range. As well, the charging speed should also be much improved. So it should provide the range of 147 miles for just 15 minutes of charging.

On the other hand, with the development of the autonomous driving technology, the Alliance 2022 has announced that by that time, they will also launch 40 vehicles with this autonomous drive system. Of course, these vehicles will arrive with different levels of autonomy.  The one will be completely autonomous car where there won’t be a need for driver’s intervention. Furthermore, these vehicles will provide drive on the highway with driver’s intervention from time to time.


So, the world’s leading automobile alliance of Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan manufacturers is expected to make an annual profit of $12 billion. Their plan of expanding the market with EV and vehicles with AD technology, will definitively make them the leader in the industry of EV zero emission vehicles and autonomous technologies.

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