2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid: News, Powertrain, Arrival

One of VW’s top-selling models, the supermini Polo is an all-new for the 2018 model year. The sixth-generation version is the step forward in all aspects compared to the previous generation.

The new Polo sits on the new modular platform and has grown in size. The sleeker exterior comes alongside the redesigned, much improved and spacious cabin. The new generation also brings the level of the in-car technologies and active safety systems that are not typical for this kind of vehicle. There is also a range of engine options including nine globally available options ranging from 1.0-liter to 2.0-liter TSI in the GTI version plus two 1.6-liter diesel engines. However, VW could also offer the 2018 VW Polo Bluemotion Hybrid version with the mild hybrid powertrain for better fuel efficiency and combustion engine assisting. Keep in mind that VW hasn’t confirmed this version.

2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid

2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid: Design

The sixth-generation Polo is the newest and smallest family member based on the ubiquitous MQB platform. This architecture is highly flexible and lightweight and makes the foundation of many models like the Tiguan, Passat, Golf, etc. Thanks to its lighter structure, the new Polo had room to grow in size and improve rear seat comfort and cargo capacity. The new version has 4.053 mm from the front to the rear and 1.751 mm in width. The height is 1.446 mm and the wheelbase measures 2.564 mm compared to the previous version 2.470 mm.

The styling is, on the other hand, sleeker defined with the sharp profile and familiar face. The model actually looks and feels like the smaller Golf.

VW also offers a high level of customization options including 14 exterior colors, 12 wheel designs, an array of interior themes and upholstery options.


The interior is more comfortable and equipped with tons of tech and safety features, unusual for the supermini segment.

The model has driver-oriented dash available with different colored inserts. The dash has the horizontal orientation and redesigned climate interface. It will include the center display starting from a 6.5-inch unit in the lower-spec version and higher trims will get an 8-inch unit like the Golf. Brand’s Active Info Display digital instrument cluster will also be available for the extra money.

The safety conscious Polo will also offer an array of the advanced safety equipment. The new 2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid will also get the systems like automatic emergency braking with the pedestrian detection capability, adaptive cruise control, parking assist, post-collision braking, blind-spot monitoring with the rear cross-traffic alert, etc.

2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid

2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid: Powertrain

The new Polo will be available the with nine engine variants globally. The 1.0-liter three-cylinder unit will deliver 65 hp in the naturally aspirated form while the turbocharged version will produce 95 or 115 hp. A 1.5-liter TSI will produce 150 hp. The diesel range will initially include a 1.6-liter engine in 80 and 95 hp forms. The GTI will have a 2.0-liter TSI with 200 hp.

As for the 2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid, the model should get the mild hybrid powertrain with the 1.0-liter TSI engine instead of the TDI. Assisting the combustion engine while accelerating should be a small electric motor. However, VW hasn’t confirmed Polo hybrid version nor model’s specification.

2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid: Availability, Price

The new-generation powered with the conventional powertrains will go on the sale by the end of this year. The price in Europe will start from €12,975. Reports suggesting that 2018 VW Polo BlueMotion Hybrid will arrive later in the model year. However, VW has commented on that.

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