2018 Tesla Model Y: Price, Range, Design

The Tesla Company has revealed their plans to expand the production of the more affordable all-electric vehicles. After the release of the Tesla Model 3, now is the time for the next SUV to arrive. The next planned emission-free all electric SUV is going to be the 2018 Tesla Model Y.

The first image of the upcoming Tesla has been presented at the 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting. According to this photo, we cannot figure out much. However, the Company has confirmed that the Model Y will share many similarities with Model 3 and Model X. Those will most likely include same underpinnings with Model 3, but this is still not officially conformed since there are many different rumors and options about its architecture. Furthermore, the Model Y and X should also share some exterior design cues such as simple lines and clean design. Besides all these similarities, we could also expect it to borrow the same powertrain.

The brand’s fourth all-electric model, besides Model X, Model 3 and Model S will compete against Mercedes-Benz EQC and BMW X3 EV.

2018 Tesla Model Y front

2018 Tesla Model Y powertrain and expected range

Unfortunately, there is still no any official data or news about the engine of the upcoming 2018 Tesla Model Y. What is sure is that the new Tesla will be an all-electric vehicle. However, based on the rumors and assumptions, the future Model Y could use the same unit as the Model 3 with which it will most likely share underpinnings.

On the other hand, it could easily receive the powertrain found in its larger sibling Model X. If this comes true, we can expect the same electric motor combined with two batteries of different capacities. The one is a 75 kWh battery which provides the range of 237 miles while the second has the capacity of 90 kWh and a range of 257 miles. However, since the future Model Y will be dimensionally smaller and lighter, perhaps it could offer even better range.

Exterior, interior and platform

According to the latest news, the 2018 Tesla Model Y will most likely ride on the same architecture which underpins the Tesla Model 3. But on the other hand, we could hear the rumors that it will ride on the completely new platform. However, we are pretty sure that it won’t be the case.

As for the exterior design, the upcoming 2018 Tesla Model Y is expected to share similar design as the larger X model. This means, similar design of the grille, headlamps, simple and clean lines and body shape. Furthermore, we could also see the familiar Falcon wings doors but nothing is yet officially confirmed.

Moving to the interior, the 2018 Tesla Model X will most likely feature the similar design of the cabin as the Model X. Perhaps it will offer less space inside because of the smaller dimensions. But we can expect the same comfort and excellent tech features.

2018 Tesla Model Y rear

Release date and price

The latest news claim that the 2018 Tesla Model Y will arrive sometime in the end of 2018. The  estimated price is around $35,000.

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