2020 Tesla Roadster: News, Expectations

The Tesla Roadster went out from the production in 2012 but Tesla company promises to bring the second-generation version in 2019. So, we should expect this model to arrive as the 2020 Tesla Roadster. This time, the new generation Tesla Roadster will be built from the ground up in-house which wasn’t the case with the first-generation model. The new version of the all-electric convertible also promises to provide impressive acceleration and of course drive range. The first-generation of this model was the first serial production electric car with lithium-ion battery and also the pioneer electric car capable to drive 200+ miles per charge. The new Tesla Roadster will surely push the limits to the new level.

2020 Tesla Roadster

2020 Tesla Roadster: Design

The 2020 Tesla Roadster is still far from the production and not many details are known about the upcoming version nor the prototype version was seen on the roads. Tesla is working hard on its lineup of models and most recent models give us some insight on the future models as well. What is, however, sure about the new-generation Roadster is that Tesla will completely be designed in-house by Tesla engineers. The first example of this model used the Lotus Elise platform but the new version will exploit the underpinning of Tesla’s recent sedan model. The 2020 Roadster will sit on brand’s “3 gen” underpinning that is the foundation of the Model 3 and two models should also share some styling bits.

The new Roadster will likely adopt similar front-end design as the Model 3 and brand’s familiar styling cues. The two-door drop-top model should also get more dynamic body lines and sportier body sculpting than current models in the lineup. However, we will have better insight when we caught the first prototype version.


The interior of the model is also the matter of speculation but it would not stray far from the current model’s design for sure. Tesla will install tons of technology inside as well as plenty of luxury features will be available. Upcoming model years will bring some upgrades in the safety and other technologies which will also find the way into this model.

2020 Tesla Roadster

2020 Tesla Roadster: Powertrain

It’s hard to predict where the battery technology will be when the 2020 Tesla Roadster arrives and what level of performance this model will be capable of as this technology is improving constantly. The last version of the Roadster had a 288 hp electric motor. Depending on the version the 60 mph was reachable in 3.9 seconds or in some variants in 3.7 seconds. As the reference, the latest Model 3 can hit 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. The new Roadster will surely improve this score possibly in sub-two seconds area and become one of the fastest production cars electric or not.

The range of the car is also hard to predict. It could reach insane numbers as we see improves in this aspect each year. The latest 3.0 upgrade of the Roadster switched from the 56-kWh battery to 70-kWh unit and the range improved from 244 to over 400 miles. The latest Teslas has better battery capacities and technology is constantly improving so we should expect even higher EPA numbers.

2020 Tesla Roadster: Arrival, Price

The debut of the 2020 Tesla Roadster should be in 2019. The model will likely go on sale in 2020. As for the price, it could reach $150k.

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