Tesla Semi-Truck: Unveiled, Design, Drivetrain

The Tesla car maker has just revealed one of its biggest achievements ever. It is the newest Tesla Semi-Truck. The upcoming Tesla will be an all-electric truck. This latest Tesla revolutionary vehicle will represent the next step in the truck industry. It has just been presented at SpaceX’ Hawthorne in California.

The upcoming Tesla heavy-duty truck will not only impress with clean, distinctive and unique appearance but it will also represent one of the most capable haulers. It will be able to tow up to 80,000 pounds. It will feature a large battery which will provide excellent range. Furthermore, the new Tesla will also get autonomous driving technology; precisely it will be able to go all by itself on the highway. Inside, the cabin will be spacious and will feature clean design. Moreover, it will represent one of the safest trucks ever built.

On the other hand, the Tesla Semi-Truck has just been revealed and it is just a prototype so if it goes into the production as planned we can surely expect a bunch of minor changes and adjustments. Its main rivals will include other car makers which are in a progress of developing electric trucks and vehicles such as Bosch, Daimler and Cummins.

Tesla Semi-Truck side

Tesla Semi-Truck engine, range, acceleration

The all new Tesla Semi-Truck is an all-electric vehicle. It will be powered with four electric motors which are placed behind the cab. One motor is able to generate 258 hp. So the total output of this unit will be 1032 horses which make it twice stronger than the regular diesel trucks. There will be a large battery pack too which will provide the range of 500 miles in a single charge on the highway. However, in combined drive, it is estimated to be up to 300 miles.  It will be able to hit 60 mph in just 5 seconds while with maximum tow it will go from 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds.

Design of exterior and interior

When it comes to exterior design, the upcoming Tesla Semi-Truck will look very futuristic, modern, and attractive. The body is all about soft lines and clean design. It is made of carbon fiber which makes it more aerodynamic and improves fuel efficiency.

Tesla Semi-Truck cabin

Inside the cabin of the Tesla Semi-Truck, the clean design of the exterior also continues. The first thing we will notice is the driver’s seat which is placed in the middle of the cabin. This position of the seat, on the center of the cab, provides an excellent visibility. This seat also has air suspension. As well, behind the driver’s seat, there is a removable jump seat for the passenger too. Furthermore, the cabin is 6’6’’ tall which means that practically everybody can fully stand up inside. The access to the access is also very easy. Moreover, there are two touchscreens for the driver which are placed each on the other side. These screens provide information about navigation, blind spot monitoring and other.

Release date and price

The company claims that the production of the Tesla Semi-Truck could start sometime during 2019. The price is still unavailable.

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