2018 VW XL3 Hybrid: Release Date, Review

The newest reports suggest that the Volkswagen is planning to introduce the new hybrid model which will succeed their first green vehicle called XL1. We are talking about the new 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid. This VW’s newest green vehicle will inherit some design cues from the XL1 but it will also borrow a silhouette of its main rival- Toyota Prius. As well, the XL3 will use the same tech features as the XL1, however, it is expected to be less expensive compared to the XL1. Furthermore, the XL1 was only available in limited numbers while the XL3 will be mass produced.

Under the hood, the newest Volkswagen XL3 will be fitted with a plug-in hybrid engine which is expected to be ultra-efficient. Visually, this compact hatchback will look very futuristic and aerodynamic. As for the interior, there isn’t much information, but considering its dimensions which are similar to the Prius model; it is expected to provide space for at least four passengers. However, some sources claim that it will arrive as the two seater also.

The main competitors of the new VW XL3 will be Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq.

2018 VW XL3 Hybrid side

2018 VW XL3 Hybrid engine and performance

Speaking of the engine, the new 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid will get a hybrid unit under its hood. It will be a combination of a 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine with the power of 140 horsepower and an electric motor which will have the output of 30-35 hp (30 kWh). The total output of this unit should be around 170 hp. There will also be a small battery and it will be able to go all-electric just in short distances, as to say only a few miles. As for the fuel efficiency, it gets around 80 mpg.

Platform, exterior and interior design

The upcoming 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid will most likely ride on the well-known MQB platform. When it comes to exterior design, the new XL3 will look very futuristic, simple and unique. It will share some design cues with the XL1 and its silhouette will be similar to the Prius model. This means they are about to be the same size. The whole body of the new Volkswagen will be sleek and aerodynamic. The front end will be dominated by the slim grille and C-shaped LED daytime running lights. Furthermore, it will also get unique design of the wheels.

2018 VW XL3 Hybrid wheels

When it comes to interior, the new 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid will share similar dimensions as the Prius model, so they should also offer similar size of the cabin. The Prius is able to welcome four passengers, so it will probably be the same for the XL Hybrid. Unfortunately, because of the lack of information, we cannot reveal more about the cabin of the upcoming VW Hybrid.

Release date and price

According to the latest news, the 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid should be presented sometime during 2018. Speaking of the price, latest sources claim that it should be around $33,000.

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