BMW Plans To Develop 25 new Eco Friendly Vehicles By Year 2025

The German’s well-known car maker BMW has shared some great news about their future plans. They are planning to launch 25 new eco-friendly vehicles by the year 2025. Among these, the 12 vehicles are expected to be pure electric; and they are also hoping that around 25% of sales will be electrified.

BMW electrification

Common platform for the upcoming hybrids and EV

The main goal for the success of this plan is the new platform; precisely, it is going to be a completely revised BMW CLAR platform which is expected to make its premiere in the BMW’s future flagship model called iNEXT. This model should arrive in 2021. Besides this architecture, there will also be a redesigned version of the BMW’s UKL1 architecture. This one comes with front-wheel drive configuration and it is named FAAR platform. These platforms will be suitable for different types of engines such as plug-in hybrid or all-electric cars.

Furthermore, both CLAR and FAAR platforms will be available in two main configurations: the lower will be used in coupe models while the higher will be made for the SUVs. As well, unlike the models which use the traditional engine, these platforms will sit a bit higher which will be solved with the bigger wheels.

Electric engines and performances

The upcoming models which will be called the “Gen 5” models will arrive with the new electric motor which will pair with the one-speed transmission. This new electric drivetrain will provide better efficiency and will be available at several outputs. So, the base models will arrive with the motors of 100 KWh or 134 horses and 190 kWh which is able to make 255 horsepower. The more powerful versions will be available with motors of 250 kWh or 335 hp and 300 kWh which can generate even 443 horsepower.

Furthermore, the type of the engines will also differ depending on the platform they will sit on. So, the FAAR architecture, which comes with standard front-wheel drive configuration, will offer engines which maximum output will be up to 200 kWh or 268 horses. On the other hand, the CLAR models, which will offer the rear-wheel drive system as standard, will arrive with the motors of 220 kWh minimum which in horsepower is 295.

Moreover, the Company has also said that these vehicles could get an all-wheel-drive system too. They will combine one motor on each axle. Or perhaps three-motor configuration placing one on the front and two on the rear axle. So, all together they could reach the output of even 800 horsepower; and will be able to hit 62 mph in just 3 seconds.


Battery packs

When it comes to the battery packs, they will be available in several sizes. Those of 60 kWh and 90 kWh will provide the range of 280 miles to 324 miles. However, there could also be the larger ones of 120 kWh. This one will have the range of 435 miles which is pretty amazing.

Furthermore, the BMW car maker will also improve the output and general performance of the electric motors used in the plug-in hybrid models. This means that we can expect the output of 201 hp or 150 kWh.

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