Elon Musk Confirmed Tesla Pickup Truck Arrival

The pickup trucks are getting more and more popular nowadays, especially in the United States. And the demand for the trucks has grown particularly in the last months. The Tesla chief Elon Musk has announced the newest Tesla Pickup Truck earlier this year, and just a few days ago, he has confirmed it and promised its production after the reveal of the Model Y electric crossover. The Model Y is set to go on sale sometime in the end of 2019 and then the Tesla Company should start working on its new pickup truck.

The Tesla manufacturer is currently working on the newest Model Y crossover sport utility vehicle which will share many similarities with the Model 3. The reason for that is of course because of the timing so it appears on the market faster. After that, the Tesla’s chief has confirmed that they will start to work of the new large pickup truck and we can expect it to arrive sometime during 2020. In the November this year, the manufacturer has also shared an image of a pickup truck during the presentation of their new Tesla Semi-electric truck and the Tesla Roadster models. And, we have assumed that it is going to be the same pickup truck which the carmaker has just confirmed. As well, it is very likely that these two pickup trucks will also share the same underpinnings.

Tesla Pickup Truck 2

Exterior design and equipment

Not much is still known for the upcoming Tesla which is understandable since the Tesla manufacturer has just confirmed the production of this model. However, based on the image and the latest words of Elon Musk, the all-new Tesla Pickup Truck is going to be very large. Precisely, they have confirmed that it is going to be very similar to the Ford’s F150 model; and perhaps even larger. Furthermore, judging by the same image, the newest pickup truck will look a bit “weird”. On the back, it will be able to carry a full-size pickup truck which confirms its large dimensions. As well, it will feature the large wheels and will provide excellent ground clearance.

When it comes to technology, unfortunately, the Tesla manufacturer hasn’t revealed much. They have only confirmed improved technology and equipment. Those will include rain-sensing windshield wipers, upgraded navigation system with better maps and some browser updates for the touchscreen.

Tesla Pickup Truck

Engine and performance

Speaking of the engine of the newest Tesla Pickup Truck, there is still no any official information. However, we assume that it will feature three electric motors; two placed on the rear wheels while the one will be fitted on the front. The performance, output and any further details are still not available.

Release date and price of the Tesla Pickup Truck

The Tesla carmaker has confirmed that the newest Model Y and Semi electric truck will go on sale sometime in 2019. It will most likely be at the end of the same year. However, the production of the new Tesla Pickup Truck should start just after that, and we are expecting to see it on the market by the year of 2020.

Tesla Pickup Truck 1

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