New Tesla Roadster is right behind the corner

Last year in December, it appeared on the Internet a series of tweets when Elon Musk reveals its plans for the launch of his red Tesla Roadster to Space, or more precisely to the Mars. This event has been set for this January. However, a couple of days ago, this news is finally confirmed, which means that the chief executive officer of the Tesla wasn’t joking. So, if everything goes according to the plan, the Elon’s red Tesla Roadster will be launched into space in February the 6th.

Tesla Roadster

The Falcon Heavy rocket – the SpaceX’s most powerful and largest launcher

The Falcon Heavy rocket represents the SpaceX’s newest, most powerful and the largest launcher which is set to make its first flight to Mars this February. The first most powerful rocket ever built was the NASA’s Saturn V rocket and it has been used for the Apollo back in the 70s.

The first flight will take place from the Apollo launchpad 39A at Cape Kennedy. This rocket is able to carry the payload of even 37,000 pounds (which is equivalent to around 14 Tesla Roadster vehicles) to Mars. It is powered by 27 engines and it is made of three re-usable cores among which the main will carry red Tesla Roadster to the Mars orbit while the other will return to Earth. As a matter of fact, this rocket was initially built to send people to space since the main goal was to allow people to live on the other planets at some point in future. Its price is estimated to be around $90 million which almost twice more than the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

The Falcon Heavy rocket

The CEO’s red Tesla Roadster will serve as a payload of the Falcon Heavy rocket

So, according to the latest news, the Elon Musk’s personal red cherry Tesla Roadster vehicle will be used as a payload for this rocket. And to confirm his intentions, he posted a picture of this first generation 2008 Tesla Roadster placed inside the payload fairing. Furthermore, the Musk has also confirmed that the journey of his red Tesla Roadster will last for 1 billion years and will play the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie as long as possible while going to the mission.

Tesla Roadster

Naturally, the CEO Elon Musk commented that it is just still a plan and it will happen of the car doesn’t explode during the take-off of the Falcon Heavy rocket. Perhaps it is unusual that he is sending his own vehicle to the Orbit, but according to his words, sending blocks or other usual things would seem a bit boring. And later he added: Red car for the red planet.

So, it is officially confirmed; we will soon testify the launch of the red Tesla Roadster to space which is set for the February 6th. This will definitively be a historical moment and will allow the SpaceX a whole bunch of new business opportunities.

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