Volkswagen plans to build the largest network of EV chargers in the US

All the major car companies are deciding more and more often to expand their lineup with the electric vehicles or at least hybrid or plug-in hybrid models. And we are all aware of the fact that the production of the EV will become even more popular and it is our inevitable future. How its production will increase constantly, the need for EV charges will be bigger and something necessary. So, according to the latest news, the Volkswagen’s Company newest plan is to build the largest network of the electric vehicles chargers in the United States. This should cost around $2 billion; however, after the DieselGate scandal, the VW Company had to pay more than $20 billion and in this way, they are trying to show some kind of repentance and to promote the production of electric cars.


The VW’s Electrify America

After the diesel scandal which we have just mentioned above, the Volkswagen carmaker has decided to create Electrify America. Its main goal is to promote the production and adoption of electric vehicles among masses worldwide. And to show its support, the Volkswagen and Electrify America division have recently revealed their plan to make the largest EV charging network in the United States. This would cost the automaker around $2 billion. Among this $2 billion, the carmaker will invest $800 million in California while the main amount will be invested nationwide.

Electrify America

The $2 billion Volkswagen’s investment plan

The Electrify America has confirmed that in a period of ten years, which should finish in 2027, they will build the largest EV charges network. But that is not all. They will create educational programs all over the US so that the people could find out more about benefits of driving an electric car.  This plan will start with the production and the install of more than 2,800 Level 2 chargers. They will be positioned in America’s largest cities. These chargers will be able to recharge the battery for around 20-25 miles per hour and will mostly be found in the commercial buildings. This should be finished sometime by the end of 2019.

Furthermore, then will come the Level 3 chargers which will be around 2000 and will be placed in 39 states. These ones will be able to restore a battery to around 80 percent for at least 30 minutes and will be installed at the highways. There will also be CHAdeMO chargers which will deliver up to 62.5 kWh and the CCS (combined charging system) chargers which will have a range from 80 kWh to $350 kWh.

CCS chargers

On the other hand, the latest plans for California are the ultra-fast 320 kWh chargers. It should start with the eight charging stations which will be placed in Maryland and Virginia. However, this plan is still in the progress. And we will have to wait for a while to find out more.

This largest network of the EV chargers is very important will contribute to mass-adoption of the electric cars. So, the easy-access electric-vehicle chargers will just make it much easier.

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