Mazda develops SkyActiv-3 petrol engines which should be as clean as an electric drive

Although the all-electric vehicles and even the hybrids and plug-in hybrids are more popular and all the large car companies are producing more and more models with these types of engines, the gasoline units seem to still be around for quite some time. However, at least the automakers are trying to improve these engines but there aren’t many of them. Still, the Mazda Company is one of several carmakers which are working on these types of engines.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, they have created a vehicle which doesn’t need spark plugs in the petrol engine. So, in that way, it will show much-improved fuel economy, for around 30 %. This will represent the major technological success in the history of petrol units.

Mazda SkyActiv-3

The Mazda SkyActiv engines

The Mazda Company has developed the new SkyActive technology. This technology has majorly improved fuel consumption and the output of the engine. So far, there is two generation of these types of engines; and the third SkyActiv-3 is planned for the year of 2019.

So, the first generation of this engine dates from 2011 when the Mazda’s engineers have produced a 1.3-liter gasoline SkyActiv engine which was first found in the Mazda2 model. Then came a 1.5-liter used in Mazda3 and a 2.0-liter SkyActiv-G. The second generation of SkyActiv-G has been improved and the manufacturer has also produced SkyActiv-D engines which are basically diesel turbocharged engine with improved fuel efficiency. After that, they started the production of SkyActiv-CNG, SkyActiv-R, SkyActiv-Hybrid etc.


SkyActiv-3 petrol engines which should be as clean as an electric drive

According to the latest news, Mazda is working on the new SkyActiv engine. This newest engine is claimed to be as clean as an electric car. The upcoming SkyActiv-3 will be like previous versions, a gasoline engine but the most efficient of all so far. And the most important thing in its development is the increase of thermal efficiency. So, if they manage to increase it from the current 27 percent to 56 percent, the emissions won’t differ from an all-electric vehicle.

As the matter of fact, the Mazda engine chef Mitsuo Hitomi claims that these types of vehicles will be even cleaner than the electric vehicles. It is because the electric cars use electricity which is mainly generated through fossil fuels. Of course, that is not the case with the countries where the main source for the production of electricity is used wind, water, solar and so on. Furthermore, the carmaker also believes that the CO2 emissions can be cut down to around 25 percent.

Mazda SkyActiv-3 engine

Expected release date and future plans

The Mazda still hasn’t revealed then we could expect these new SkyActiv-3 petrol engines to appear. We believe that we won’t see it before the middle of 2020. However, the newly produced petrol compression ignition engine should appear sometime during 2019. As well, the manufacturer has also said that by the year of 2025, they are planning to make an autonomous driving technology standard in all models. Moreover, they claim that they will start the production of the EVs too from 2019.

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